Looking for unique purple slate for your commercial projects?

Buying direct from The Purple Slate Company means you’re getting origin-guaranteed slate products, at the best possible price.

In the rare plum colour, this Welsh slate is both practical and beautiful. The natural stone is fine-grained and durable, and the colour brightens when wet. It is ideal for paths, rockeries, garden borders and water features (it is naturally fish-friendly).

Please note, we also work through a partner company, which can supply project packs.

Our purple slate product is suitable for rockeries and walling, and is also available as aggregate.

Decorative aggregates

Plum/purple slate chippings 20mm and 40mm

The smaller 20mm size makes a comfortable surface for walking.

Mae’r maint bach 20mm yn creu arwyneb cyfforddus i gerdded arno.




Crushed rock fines 10mm to fine grain

The small 10mm size makes for a comfortable surface for walking.

Mae’r maint bach 10mm yn creu arwyneb cyfforddus i gerdded arno.






Purple slate rockery

Our purple slate is practically waterproof and resistant to frost. It is ideal for adding interest in rockeries, borders and planters. The slate pieces come in various sizes up to 400mm.

Yn ymarferol wrth-ddŵr, mae’r cerrig gardd o lechi eirin hefyd yn wydn iawn rhag rhew ac yn ddelfrydol i ychwanegu elfen ddiddorol mewn gardd gerrig, borderi a blychau plannu. Daw’r darnau o lechi mewn meintiau amrywiol hyd at 400mm.



Purple slate random weathered walling

The hand-selected pieces vary in length, depth and width, but are fairly flat and can be used for raised beds and step risers as well as planters and walls. As the name suggest, sizes are truly random.

Mae’r darnau a gaiff eu dethol â llaw yn amrywio o ran hyd, dyfnder a lled, ond yn weddol wastad ac mae modd eu defnyddio mewn gwelyau plannu uwch a grisiau yn ogystal â blychau plannu a waliau. Fel mae’r enw’n awgrymu, mae’r meintiau wir ar hap.